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I was convicted of a felony. Can you help me?
In many instances, YES.


Clean Slate:

Let our paralegal services, staff and lawyers help you start a  new life. 

We can help you -  "Clean up your Record"

Every case is different.  Let us see what we can do for you.

Most Common Case Types/Services:

Expungement of your record


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Clean Slate -

"Put Your Past Behind You!"

Clean up your record!  Clean Slate is here to help you or your loved one take one more giant step forward, but this time without the shadows of the past.  We can assist you in the expungement of your record.  We service California Cases Only at this time.

It is time to be proud of what you are doing, instead of being embarrassed over what has already been done.

clean up my record at clean slate

Are You...

You, are the reason CLEAN SLATE was created.  You are not alone.  In many cases we can help!

Call CLEAN SLATE today....and increase your options for a new life tomorrow! 

Some cases incur no fees - Orange County Specialists


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